Veterans Enterprise Technology Solutions, Inc.

Veterans Enterprise Technology Solutions, Inc. (VETS), a service-disabled veteran-owned business, is a recognized leader in providing diversified services and comprehensive strategies for efficient and effective management of information and technology. Our Government customers have included the Departments of Defense, Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security, Agriculture, Health and Human Services, and Education as well as Federal Aviation Administration, Small Business Administration, and the Intelligence Community.

VETS, a process and standards driven company, has a long history of successfully managing projects, from small and simple to large and complex. We use proven methodologies and apply industry standards in every project. We strive to add business value by improving decision making, maximizing performance, and achieving cost savings for our clients. 

The mission of VETS is to be a recognized leader in providing superior information technology and management services for the Federal Government and State Agencies. We are committed to supporting our customer’s requirements by delivering leading edge, cost effective, optimal solutions.

VETS Services

VETS, Inc. is a diversified service company that can provide a wide range of support to our government and commercial customers. While our core focus has been in the Information Technology arena, we also have a substantial presence in other areas to support the mission requirements of our customers. We strive to develop creative solutions to our customers’ problems that meet their needs and are cost effective.

Information Technology

  • IT Security / Cybersecurity

  • Infrastructure / Operations Support

  • Software Design, Development and Maintenance

  • Cloud Migration Support

  • Test and Evaluation Support

Mission Support

  • Intelligence / Imagery Analysis

  • Help Desk / End User Support

  • Program Management

  • Access Control Support

  • Staffing Support

  • Acquisition Support

  • Administrative Support

  • Back Office Support

  • Training (Classroom and Distance Learning


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